Jewels by Moon is now Rosie's Jewel Box

I am a Self Taught Metals Artisan, Born in New York City across the street from the Bronx Zoo in a place called Little Italy in the Bronx in 1960. As a little kid I thought everyone had Elephants in their back yard. My parents were equestrians, hence my sister and I started riding horses at Van Cortland Park at 5 years old. My love for horses was sparked the second we met and Devotion the moment I realized they will give you their heart. I had The Botanical Gardens on the opposite side of the street and this was where my passion for nature began. Really what more could a kid from the city ask for with these treasures within a hop skip and a jump. I realized how truly blessed I was.

Fast forward...1974 my parents moved to North Salem, NY (40 minutes north of the city) where I could ride everyday and walk my own Botanical Gardens in the back yard. Here my art, love and passion for nature and animals blossomed.

I sold paintings for a bit, got into FairField University for Interior Design for a bit and then began a career in Fine Cabinetry Design (which lasted 25 years). One day in 1989 with two small kids and a stay at home Mom career, my best friends sister started a small jewelry company in New York. When she got really really busy, she taught us all how to design and make jewelry to help fill those orders. The obsession was born...stones, metals and all that nature offers culminated in one.

2007, due to the economic downturn my career in Design was really slow and my husband urged me to put efforts in my passion for jewelry. So I opened a shop, which due to the economic downturn was short lived. My daughter told me about her little shop on Etsy. So I closed my shop, built a studio in my home and created a shop on Etsy under the name Jewels By Moon. I have been here for over 5 years now and loving every minute.

This year Jewels by Moon went through a name change to Rosies' Jewel Box. So I looked to the strongest woman I knew to help. My Dearest friend and soul sister Lisa Lawston, Author and Wonder Woman put our heads together. We brainstormed and came up with the perfect image for my passion. We both identified with Rosie the Riveter and what that stood for , hence it was going to be Rosie's Jewel Box!

Rosie the Riveter (1920) iconic figure of the women who worked in defense industries during World War II, was a composite of the experiences of many real women.
During World War II the term "Rosie" was used to refer to all women who worked in defense industries and not just riveters.
The composite figure of Rosie was based on a group of women, most of whom were named Rose, who varied in class, ethnicity, geography, and background.

Rosie's Girls is a national program designed to build self-esteem, leadership and physical confidence through an exploration of trades and non-traditional activities.

BUILDING STRONG GIRLS support our girls by joining -<br />

Today I live in Massachusetts with my husband in our little corner of paradise, the only house on a dirt road surrounded by Mother Nature. A life long equestrian and still involved in Interior Design. Designing my one of kind creations in my little studio sometimes til the we hours of the morning and loving every bit of it!

Working with my favorite materials from Mother Nature and recycling old ones to create eclectic self adornments. As you can see in my shop I love to pair imperfection with perfection because to me it is that one time occurrence of imperfection that gives you a one of a kind piece. I adore creating pieces that are both elegant and rustic, strong and soft. I try to use recycled and eco friendly materials in all that I create and support the small local shops/vendors that keep our country going. I care deeply people and all the things that makes us different.

My favorite philosophy is
Keep your circles positive,
Say good words,
Think good thoughts,
Do good deeds.

I hope your find something in my shop that speaks to you!
Thanks for visiting today,
Dori (AKA Moon)